Just you and your digital camera - that is what this class is all about. Make the most of this amazing little machine as you learn to wean yourself from the automatic settings and set out to find out what you and your camera are really capable of.


The purpose of this course will instruct those interested in the fundamental principles of digital photography. Students will learn camera basics, including composition, how to adjust the f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO on their particular cameras to get the perfect exposure every time. No more unintended blur, grain and pixels! All classes are personalized to help you reach your photographic goals by advising what additional camera equipement (i.e. External Flash, Lenses, Tripod, Filters, etc.) is necessary to achieve the results you are looking for. We also offer Photoshop lessons to make stunning images and how to properly prepair the files for print.


It is recommended that all students have a DSLR camera and also have the manual for it. No book for this class, so take notes! It's all hands-on learning with a seasoned professional!


We are currently offering these classes on an individual basis to make it easier to get the scheduling to work for everyone interested.

Classes are only $90 per hour-long session!

For more information, please contact the studio.